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Insurance marketers – motivate customers to take action

Are you looking for ways ways to motivate customers to take action with paperless billing enrollment, wellness program participation and customer loyalty to name just a few? One action, one reward programs work well to focus insurance customers’ behavior by giving a nudge to behave in ways that are in both the insurance carriers’ and the customers’ best interests. READ MORE

Encourage Wellness Program Participation

Effective wellness incentive programs empower employees to participate in and sustain healthy behaviors while decreasing healthcare costs. Flexibility and excitement are the cornerstones to the success Learn how an effective incentive program can encourage wellness program participation, double participation, increase health related behaviors and activities, drive engagement through better well-being and help employees focus more on good habits. READ MORE

Increasing Bank Revenue & Profitability with Strategic Incentive Marketing Offers

For banks to thrive within the current climate of increased regulatory costs, changing technology and evolving consumer behavior, they must continually work to strengthen their customer service, loyalty and incentive marketing programs. "Increasing Bank Revenue & Profitability with Strategic Incentive Marketing Offers” outlines ways for banks to grow their product sales, customer base and profitability via strategically crafted incentive marketing programs. READ MORE

Incentive Program Ideas for Banking

Due to the many touch points banks have with their customers and the many different situations in which banking customers can be “nudged” to carry out a specific behavior that is beneficial to the bank, the banking sector needs to simplify promotions and instead focus on “one action, one reward” promotions. READ MORE

The Triple Crown of Retail Banking Growth: Customer Loyalty, Customer Service and Strategic Incentive Marketing

Why are incentive programs important for banks and what should be incented? Incentive marketing programs are critical for banks because many products and services banks offer are commodities (in fairness to the banking sector, the commodity/”sameness” of products is often regulated by law). Customer service, convenience and incentive marketing programs are critical tools in a bank’s toolbox as they seek sales and profitability growth. READ MORE

Customer Incentive Programs Ease Utility Companies’ eBill Adoption and Billing Dilemmas

Strategic eBill programs, coupled with an effective incentive program will go a long way to once again increasing the rates of paperless billing enrollment. Our recent paper, “Leading Strategies to Catapult Utility Companies’ eBill Enrollment” goes into some depth on how to build effective incentive programs to greatly increase the number of customers receiving paperless bills. READ MORE

Start Your Incentive Rewards Planning Today

2016 Incentive Rewards Planning & Promotions Calendar Template is designed to help you plan gift card and incentive rewards promotions of all kinds. Get a copy of this free calendar and you'll also receive ideas for holiday themed promotions. No registration required. READ MORE

The Psychology of Gift Card Incentives

Given that gift card incentives have a fixed monetary value; it is reasonable to question whether or not consumers will perceive a gift card offer to be the same as a cash offer. However, there are four important factors contributing to gift cards being perceived as having greater value than cash incentives: READ MORE

Gift cards rewards programs – Changing Behaviors To Achieve Your Goals

Request a copy of our white paper and learn how creative incentive marketing programs using rewards can be an effective and affordable way for publishers to grow and or maintain their subscriber bases while also increasing profitability. READ MORE

10 Characteristics of Effective Gift Card Reward Programs

Want to understand why gift card reward programs are the most effective incentive to change behaviors and achieve your goals? Request a copy of our most recent white paper today: The Power to Incent: Changing Behaviors to Achieve Your Goals. READ MORE