And we know from experience what works, and what doesn’t.

Strategies to engage consumers have undergone a dramatic transformation. Organizations are struggling when it comes to modernizing customer engagement. Allow us to apply our expertise and innovative incentive/reward solutions to better engage your target audiences, influence action and provide relevant, meaningful rewards. Give your organization an edge over the competition.

No setup fee     No maintenance fee     No admin fee     Only pay for results

One Action = One Reward

A simple, traditional reward allowing each qualifier to select the reward of their choice.

  • Multiple promotional themes available.
  • Customizable to meet seasonal or demographic needs.
  • Reward values ranging from $5 up to $500.
  • Any sociographic, geographic or demographic can be effectively targeted.

KeepONE-GiveONE Rewards

The ultimate customer incentive/reward. Achieves four very important business goals simultaneously:

  • Engages, motivates and rewards existing customer.
  • Penetrates a non-customer household with an endorsement from your existing customer.
  • Causes a conversation about your products/services between existing customer and non-customer.
  • Survey questions can provide market feedback and insights from your existing customer.

Pay-it-Forward Rewards

Innovative, economical and socially responsible rewards program.

  • An absolute “must use” for organizations wanting to increase brand goodwill in communities.
  • Have a positive impact on someone’s life or the community at large.
  • Simultaneously accomplish sales and marketing goals.
  • Every qualifier has the opportunity to forward their reward to someone they personally know.

Rewards Over Time

A proven customer acquisition and retention solution.

  • Reduces customer churn and increases customer loyalty.
  • Rewards delivered in defined time based increments.
  • Increased reward values may be offered as total program costs are expected to be reduced significantly.
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“I have been using Customer Motivators for over 6 years now to handle fulfillment of gift cards for our newspapers. After trying some of their competitors with mixed success, I landed on Customer Motivators and never looked back.”
Phil, Regional Vice President, The McClatchy Company
“I needed a team that made promises, kept promises and exceeded expectations. Customer Motivators did exactly that. We have purchased more than $30,000,000 in rewards from Customer Motivators. They are not only a valued vendor, but a partner.”
Jim Gallagher, Marketing Director, Charter Communications
“Customer Motivators makes my life so much easier! They offer a completely turnkey solution, eliminating all the work on my end and giving me more time to focus my efforts elsewhere. The account managers are very responsive and always helpful. Not a single regret choosing them as a partner.”
Account Manager, Top Ten National Newspaper
“We have never seen any company deliver that kind of exceptional service and hold true to that promise and each and every customer was satisfied. We were thrilled, and will use them at every opportunity for our business.”
Susan, Manager, American Automobile Association (AAA)
“Customer Motivators has been a great partner to work with for our promotional incentive needs. They are extremely knowledgeable about effective promotional strategies and are eager to help make your promotion the best it can be. Their web based and printed deliverables are top of the line, and they create both with our brand styling top-of-mind. Customer Motivators is very flexible and accommodating when it comes to out-of-the-ordinary requests. They really do bend over backwards to ensure we are satisfied and all of our needs are met. I highly recommend any company partner with Customer Motivators on their promotional efforts.”
Jessica Brandenburg, Officer, Marketing Product & Project Specialist, First Midwest Bank