Increasing Bank Revenue & Profitability with Strategic Incentive Marketing Offers

For banks to thrive within the current climate of increased regulatory costs, changing technology and evolving consumer behavior, they must continually work to strengthen their customer service, loyalty and incentive marketing programs. "Increasing Bank Revenue & Profitability with Strategic Incentive Marketing Offers” outlines ways for banks to grow their product sales, customer base and profitability via strategically crafted incentive marketing programs. READ MORE

Incentive Program Ideas for Banking

Due to the many touch points banks have with their customers and the many different situations in which banking customers can be “nudged” to carry out a specific behavior that is beneficial to the bank, the banking sector needs to simplify promotions and instead focus on “one action, one reward” promotions. READ MORE

The Triple Crown of Retail Banking Growth: Customer Loyalty, Customer Service and Strategic Incentive Marketing

Why are incentive programs important for banks and what should be incented? Incentive marketing programs are critical for banks because many products and services banks offer are commodities (in fairness to the banking sector, the commodity/”sameness” of products is often regulated by law). Customer service, convenience and incentive marketing programs are critical tools in a bank’s toolbox as they seek sales and profitability growth. READ MORE