14 Hacks that Drive Publisher Incentive Program Enrollment

Given that a publication’s profitability is directly tied to its subscriber base for both subscription and advertising revenue, incenting new subscriptions and making renewal seamless is the logical place to start applying incentive marketing principles. Many publishers are also working to incent other behaviors, including advertiser program and research survey participation. READ MORE

Understanding the ROI from Incentive Based Subscriber Acquisition Programs

When thinking about optimizing ROI from incentive-based subscriber acquisition programs and related budgets for your specific business, experimentation will be necessary. While your actual mileage may vary, the following are guidelines for consideration. As in any organization, there are multiple competing priorities for each usable dollar. READ MORE

Four Steps to Improve eBill Adoption for Utility Companies

Despite the strong preference for online payment, utility customers have not been persuaded or incented to discontinue their paper statements. Why? READ MORE

New Incentive Marketing Approaches Address Longtime Needs Within the Radically Changed Publishing Industry

There is no question that newspaper and magazine publishers have been on a wild ride over the course of the last decade. The advent of digital publishing has forever changed the dynamics of content delivery, circulation growth and advertising sales. Both newspaper and magazine publishers have been challenged to find new ways to survive and thrive within this unpredictable and rapidly evolving landscape – this is no surprise to anyone who has been involved in the magazine and/or newspaper publishing industries in recent years. READ MORE

Strategies, decision making tools and hacks for publishers’ incentive marketing programs.

Request a copy of our white paper and learn how creative incentive marketing programs using rewards can be an effective and affordable way for publishers to grow and/or maintain their subscriber bases while also increasing profitability. READ MORE